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5 Tips to be ready for opening weekend

With only a month to go to opening day of duck hunting, I thought I would share 5 tips to be ready for opening weekend. 1. Practice My number one tip would be to get out and shoot your gun before opening morning. This is two-fold, firstly any practice has to be good to get …

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ace at Lake Wairarapa

Duck Hunting “Off-Season” 2018/2019

To me, there is no such thing as the duck hunting off-season. As such, I have a few things I want to do before the first weekend of May 2019. Ace My number one is to keep working on Ace and improving and making sure he is ready. This is to enforce what he already …

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pigeon decoy

DIY Pigeon Silhouette Decoys

I have made some rock pigeon decoys. This is how I made my first one, plus a full-size template for you to use. I brought a single decoy from Guncity during their sale to use as a starting point. These decoys are painted as the European wood-pigeon, not the rock pigeon found in New Zealand. These …

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Duck Hunting Sneak Boat

After another season of hunting ducks on Boggy Pond and Lake Wairarapa, I am thinking of building of a sneak boat for the 2019 duck hunting season. Especially around Boggy Pond, we were never quite where the birds were. The water is too deep to safely wade to the areas the birds were. A small …

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Welcome 2017

Welcome 2017, I am not one to set “resolutions” as such but do try to set some goals to work towards during the year. The first thing is to help my wife as much as possible with our baby girl Alex, who is only 6 weeks old. So we are having those sleepless nights. This …

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My Star Wars inspired terrarium 1

Star Wars Terrarium

After seeing some terrarium’s online and then some very cool Star Wars ones depicting different scenes like Luke’s downed X-Wing at Dagobah, or crashed Star Destroyers on Jakku I wanted to make one. There is plenty of resources online on how to make a terrarium, Californian Gardens have a web resource here. I did not …

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Got to love sunsets over the pond 1

Duck Hunting Season 2016

Well, Duck Hunting 2016 has been a very different season for me. The weather has been really warm and in Wellington, we have had Northerly winds for most weekends. Opening Weekend The season started off good with another successful opening down south. We had fine clear weather and we had to work to get the …

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DEVO 7E + Hubsan X4

Well, I got a very good deal on a DEVO 7E from Banggood and after reading that with a simple module hack I could control the Hubsan board. DEVO 7E build Using these instructions I was easily able to add the A7105 module. The next step was installing Deviation Tx firmware to allow the usage …

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Queens Birthday Weekend

Queens Birthday is the last long weekend for a while and the weather probably played ball for most other people it was not productive for duck hunting with clear skies and zero wind. House Work It did help in getting some work done around the house, including repairing the perimeter fencing that we had installed …

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Hubsan X4

The Hubsan X4 107C arrived this weekend. Wow it may look like a toy but to me, it sure can move. After opening it did look like a toy but once you start flying it, it definitely does not feel like a toy. I have learnt that I am not very good at flying, probably …

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