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DIY Pigeon Silhouette Decoys

I have made some rock pigeon decoys. This is how I made my first one, plus a full-size template for you to use. I brought a single decoy from Guncity during their sale to use as a starting point. These decoys are painted as the European wood-pigeon, not the rock pigeon found in New Zealand.

Pigeon Silhouette

These will pad out my existing spread of Soar No More shell and full body decoys. I find that silhouette pigeon decoys when placed at different angles, create the look of movement. As the bird’s circle, some disappear and others appear. Also for that reason, I would not run just silhouettes. When the birds fly over all the decoys disappear.

Paint Colours

These are Resene paint colours that I will use in painting the decoys. I struggled to find any other guides with colours to use so this should help.

ColourResense PaintRGBHexSample
WhiteResene White245 245 242#F5F5F2
BlackResene Black30 30 30#1E1E1E
Light GreyHalf Silver Chalice183 186 182#B7BAB6
light grey
Dark GreyRhino61 70 83#3D4653
dark grey
Iridescent GreenGo Go Go118 173 76#76AD4C
Iridescent Green
Iridescent PurpleDigital Blue62 65 99#3E4163
Iridescent purple

These are the two standard pigeons that we see, there are a lot of colour variations which you can add to your spread. Click here to see the full-size template image to download.

decoy stand

The stands that I will use are 2mm wire about 35 cm long (14 inches), with a couple of coils looped at the top. The decoys sit in the coil, this enables the decoys to be positioned head up or head down.

Finished Pigeon Decoys

This is the first pigeon decoy that I have finished as a prototype to make sure the colours look OK. I am happy with how it looks and a couple of dozen of these in the spread should help bring the birds in.

Let me know what you think and if this guide has helped.


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