A Major Break Through

On the weekend just gone we had our second to last training session and this one we concentrated mainly on walking at heel.

After going through the basics of it Ace seemed to pick up on the idea pretty quickly. The idea is to let the dog sniff the food in your hand and hold your hand down by you hip and get the dog to follow closely while saying heel.

You go ahead 5 steps with everyone saying heel and then give the food, repeat this and gradually go further before giving the food.

We went for our walk around the block at home and got him to walk at heel for about three-quarters of the way. Only had a couple of times he pulled away, when we had a couple walking towards us and when a dog was barking inside the property. We have techniques on how to deal with those situations but need to see more of them to really practice and hone them down.

I am very happy with how he is progressing.

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