Manukau South Head

The Manukau South Head Lighthouse, which dates from 1874 has been meticulously rebuilt using original parts by volunteers from the local Awhitu community. The lighthouse ceased operation on its former site, a couple of kilometres away in 1986. It has now been relocated next to the Manukau Heads Signal Station Platform. [1]

Manukau South Head Lighthouse
Manukau South Head Lighthouse

Technical details

Location: Latitude 37°03′ South, Longitude 174°33′ East
Elevation: 234 meters above sea level
Construction: Wooden Tower
Tower height: 9 meters
Light configuration: 2nd order Fresnel Lens
Light flash character: Oscillating White light every 6 seconds
Power source: Mains electricity
Range: 12 nautical miles (22 kilometers)
Date light first lit: 1874
Automated: N/A
Demanned: N/A
Decommissioned: 1986

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