Norinco JW15 Build – Old

This is my old Norinco JW15 .22lr, I have now sold this but here is the information. The Norinco JW15 is available at Guncity, Outdoor Supplies or probably at any of your local firearm stores.

Norico JW15

Here is my stock Norinco JW15, it is very long with the 24″ barrel and the stock crown is pretty rough.

Because I cannot seem to keep anything stock this gun did have some modifications.

The first thing I did was strip the old coating using a paint stripper, sand and apply some Danish oil to the stock. The hard coating on the wooden stock was not something that I liked about it. The actual wood on my JW15 was quite nice once the oil was applied.

I had the barrel chopped down to 17 inches and re-crowned. The re-crowning helped increase the accuracy of this .22lr and I would highly recommend doing this. I also shorten the stock at the same time.

I fitted a small bipod to the front, the bolt and trigger were also polished to make it smoother than stock. This bit of tidying up helped to make the little rifle more usable.

The barrel could be shortened further if you wanted to and make a super shorty. Also since having the JW15, Victory Through Precision has started up and they make chassis systems and a take down chassis for the JW15 that look great.

If you have had or have a JW15 I am keen to hear from you about your so let me know.


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