Loch Katrine – Show weekend getaway

I had been wanting to do an overnight solo trip for a while after doing the day drive through the Nevis Road. A few people in the 4WD & Overlanding in NZ group on Facebook suggested Loch Katrine near Lake Sumner. After looking at the DOC website it looked stunning and a great place to try my first overnight trip. It offers fishing and mountain biking so I had to pack both into the Suzuki.

Had a couple of false starts to get up there. With sickness and poor weather in the region stopping me from going on a couple of the planned weekends. But the forecast for Saturday and Sunday of Show weekend in Canterbury looked perfect.

I borrowed a stretcher and a small gas bottle for my cooker from a workmate. Got some supplies from Complete Outdoors, a pack of Back Country meals and some pans to boil some water. Add to this the recent suspension lift to the Suzuki Escudo and I was ready to hit the road.

The drive-in on Lake Sumner Road

It was quite a nice drive, the road is pretty rough at points. I found that the road tyre pressures were a bit uncomfortable so found a spot to air down them to about 25 from the 38 psi that they started at. This made the drive better. The place I stopped at was near an old bridge and a group of white water rafting were getting ready to head off. I ended up having a chat with the tour bus driver and gave some more insight into the place.

As I drove in and saw Lake Taylor it looked awesome and I could not wait to get around to Loch Katrine.

Driving around to Loch Katrine and here the road got quite a bit rougher. Any 4WD should be able to do it comfortably but a 2WD car would struggle. Here are some photos of the drive around and later on is a video of my drive out of Loch Katrine

Arriving at Loch Katrine

Once I made it to Loch Katrine I quickly got my table, cooker, and gas bottle out to make some lunch. While having lunch I read my book for a bit and enjoyed the amazing view.

After lunch, I had a quick fish just out in front on the shoreline. I walked around the corner a bit with a black and gold toby on. In my first cast I had a hit, my second I had a little fish on which I released at my feet. Then a couple more small hits and nothing else. The North West wind started to pick up so I went and read my book in the Escudo while this died down.

Night time

The campsite set up with the table, cooker and tent infront of there with my Escudo to the side with Loch Katrine in the distance

Once the wind had died down, I started to set up my tent and stretcher. I quickly found that the stretcher I had borrowed was too big to fit in the tent. But squeezed it in past the fly netting. The main problem was it sat very high for my small tent.

I made my dinner of Roast Chicken with mashed potato which for a dehydrated meal was actually very tasty.

After dinner, I tried again for another fish with a few others, without any luck even with the rising and jumping all around us. Here is a short video I tried to get of all the fish. They did like to stop once I hit record. I really need to learn how to fly fish.

That night was something else we had an awesome sunset. But I found the tent to be very claustrophobic. I could not get comfortable forgetting my pillows did not help as a hoodie is different. After struggling I ended up sleeping in the car.

Day 2 of Loch Katrine

I awoke to a foggy and still morning. After a breakfast of muesli and yoghurt with a hot cup of coffee. I packed up the tent and everything back into the car.

Once everything was packed up, I got a bag sorted with some snacks, water, a camera and my fishing rod. It was time to bike around to the top of Loch Katrine.

I have never done any more mountain biking than on a simple gravel road and while for most people this was a pretty simple track it did offer me some challenges. With some steep rocky parts and holes to dodge. It was very enjoyable and at the end where I could have driven to I had a quick spin for a fish but no luck. It was time to head out and drive back.

Leaving Loch Katrine

On my out of Loch Katrine I stopped a few places to try for another fish and to take some photos. Below are those photos and a video I got off my dashcam.

Final Thoughts

This was a very enjoyable trip but I did learn a few things from this trip. I need to take some insect repellent and will our use our 4-man tent to make the sleeping more comfortable.

I am keen to hear from you guys and girls if you have been here or any other trips around Canterbury.


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