Duck Hunting Sneak Boat

After another season of hunting ducks on Boggy Pond and Lake Wairarapa, I am thinking of building of a sneak boat for the 2019 duck hunting season.

Especially around Boggy Pond, we were never quite where the birds were. The water is too deep to safely wade to the areas the birds were. A small kayak would be OK but due to stability issues, I am nervous shooting out of one. Add a dog to the equation and it would definitely be too risky for me.

Finding the Boat
sneak boat
Gator Boat, 1 man sneak boat camouflaged up.

Searching the internet I found this old-school website from the ’90s, Gatorboats which has some designs which look great. The Duck Hunter looks perfect for hunting on the Lake but due to the size would not be practical for me at home. What does look good is the 1 man sneak Gator Boat the size should allow me to put it on the top of the truck and carry/drag it to the water.

I will be able to paddle out to the areas where the ducks were pitching in. I can also use it for fishing during the summer on some of the lakes.

For Ace (my dog) to easily get in and out I am thinking can build a collapsible ladder to hang off the back or side. Adding a holder for the gun and a place to strap the gun in to make that secure, plus attaching the Deeper Sonar fish finder on will be great to find those fish.

Ordering the plans was interesting, he still ships hard copies out which took a few weeks to get here. Reading over the plans I am confident that I can build one of these.

Let me know what you guys think of this. Do you have any other ideas on how to get to where the birds are?


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