Some mallards from opening weekend.

Duck Hunting Opening Weekend of 2022

Ace was the star performer of our duck hunting opening weekend of 2022. We had a great weekend hunting the ducks with plenty of banter.

ace at Lake Wairarapa

Hunting dog first aid

This Wildfowl article got me thinking of hunting dog first aid. Plus things that I should probably carry in my blind bag while out hunting. A quick Google search found this Hunting Dog First Aid Kit. It seems to have everything that may be needed when out in the field. Also, this one seems more …

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This is what duck hunting is about

Animal Rights Activitsts

How to deal with animal rights activists and any other protestors that you may see when out in the wetlands this year.

ace wanting to retrieve

5 Tips to be ready for opening weekend

With only a month to go to opening day of duck hunting, I thought I would share 5 tips to be ready for opening weekend. 1. Practice My number one tip would be to get out and shoot your gun before opening morning. This is two-fold, firstly any practice has to be good to get …

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blind bag

My Blind Bag

Things I must have in my duck hunting blind bag for a day out on the swamp. What have I missed that you have in yours?

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all, it is almost that time of year for a well-deserved break. I am really looking forward to having two weeks off work. Last year the wife and I ended up working through. Hopefully, you all are able to get out and enjoy it. The family and I are heading down to my …

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ace at Lake Wairarapa

Duck Hunting “Off-Season” 2018/2019

To me, there is no such thing as the duck hunting off-season. As such, I have a few things I want to do before the first weekend of May 2019. Ace My number one is to keep working on Ace and improving and making sure he is ready. This is to enforce what he already …

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pigeon decoy

DIY Pigeon Silhouette Decoys

I have made some rock pigeon decoys. This is how I made my first one, plus a full-size template for you to use. I brought a single decoy from Guncity during their sale to use as a starting point. These decoys are painted as the European wood-pigeon, not the rock pigeon found in New Zealand. These …

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Duck Hunting Sneak Boat

After another season of hunting ducks on Boggy Pond and Lake Wairarapa, I am thinking of building of a sneak boat for the 2019 duck hunting season. Especially around Boggy Pond, we were never quite where the birds were. The water is too deep to safely wade to the areas the birds were. A small …

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