My Star Wars inspired terrarium 1

Star Wars Terrarium

After seeing some terrarium’s online and then some very cool Star Wars ones depicting different scenes like Luke’s downed X-Wing at Dagobah, or crashed Star Destroyers on Jakku I wanted to make one.

There is plenty of resources online on how to make a terrarium, Californian Gardens have a web resource here.

I did not want to try to replicate an actual movie scene but to take inspiration from the Star Wars universe. I created my idea about a couple of wrecked starfighters that nature was starting to reclaim.

My Star Wars inspired terrarium 1
My Star Wars inspired terrarium

I went to Briscoe’s who had a sale (I was surprised too), with 30% everything and I was able to pick up a 16cm round vase for about $15. They did have a larger one at about 21cm but since I wanted this to go on my desk at work I did not want to go to large.

Off to Oderings in Upper Hutt, I went and they were a great help in selecting a few plants to go in the vase after I said what I was trying to achieve. I am very happy with the plants that I received, the purple looks like it could come from some far away planet.

¬†And the finished product…

What do you guys think? I’m happy with the end product and looks good on my desk at work.

Until next time

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