Hubsan X4

The Hubsan X4 107C arrived this weekend. Wow, it may look like a toy but to me, it sure can move.

The Hubsan X4 box 1
The Hubsan X4 box

After opening it did look like a toy but once you start flying it, it definitely does not feel like a toy.

I have learnt that I am not very good at flying, probably a good thing I didn’t become a pilot. After flying the Parrot Mini Drone I thought I might be able to get this quadcopter to hover. I was proven wrong and the transmitter sticks need only a very little movement to send the drone flying high or to come crashing down.

One of the Rotocross for Beginners members on Facebook replied with a YouTube video with tips and flight ideas on how to become a better pilot. It is simulated using a racing drone and FPV but the principles are very similar.

I have started going through the playlist which starts at hovering and they are helping. I have been able to hold a hover pretty well.

How To Fly A Racing Drone:

Hopefully going through this playlist my flying will improve. Hopefully, I can get to a point where my flying is good and I will not break the Hubsan X4 too much. I have had some hard landings that cracked its legs. I had to put some tape around them to help them stay together.

The camera, that comes with it does take pretty good video but as I am not a very stable flyer it can give you motion sickness watching it.

The Hubsan X4 flying around my backyard

At home, I will have to make up some gates and get flying around them.

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