duck hunting opening weekend

Duck Hunting Opening Weekend 2015

It turned into another fantastic duck hunting opening weekend in 2015 down in North Canterbury.

The weather was not kind to us with clear skies and zero wind but we were able to get decent numbers thanks in large to my father-in-law for having such a great pond. A few laughs along the way. There is always plenty of banter at the pond. When my Dad, mates and I get together to hunt it almost always ends up in a competition. Who can shoot the furthest duck, stealing other people’s ducks and things like that. I am not sure what it is like at your ponds but hopefully you can relate.

Down the far end of the hide that morning sun can make it hard to pick up the birds. Once the main hide has shot you have to be ready to pick up any birds that are coming out your way. The distance to the top of the Macs from that hide is over 80m and one of the birds was at least 70 metres. A great shot from one of the guys. I cannot claim that was me.

There was some great shooting by everyone at the pond.

I think the video Justin put together sums our duck hunting opening weekend up pretty nicely. Please enjoy.

Hopefully, your opening weekends were just as successful, please comment below and let me know how you went.

Thanks for watching

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