Hunting dog first aid

ace at Lake Wairarapa

This Wildfowl article got me thinking of hunting dog first aid. Plus things that I should probably carry in my blind bag while out hunting.

A quick Google search found this Hunting Dog First Aid Kit. It seems to have everything that may be needed when out in the field. Also, this one which seems more compact and easier to carry.

hunting dog first aid kit
The AMK Ultralight Kit – First Aid from

These would also double as a personal first aid kit for us humans as well. Which I have not given much thought about. Having gone through First Aid courses with work for the last 8 years. This is something that I should have thought about before.

Recently saw a story on Facebook of a hunter that fell and got his wedding ring caught in a tree branch. He ended up losing his finger, that will stop me from wearing mine while out hunting.

Out in the field what do you guys and girls use for first aid?

Thanks for reading