blind bag

My Blind Bag

These are the things I must have in my duck hunting blind bag. As I walk into most of my hunting after the opening weekend I try to limit the weight and only take the necessitates. On top of this is the 6 slot decoy bag with 10 mallard floating decoys a pair of shoveler decoys and if warranted a spinning wing decoy. Sometimes I also carry a folding seat and a small camouflage net.

blind bag
My blind bag
  • Ammo (B&P 36 Gram 3’s)
    • 25 to 50 rounds
  • Duck Calls
  • Cameras
    • GoPro Hero 3
    • Panasonic FZ80 Superzoom
  • Clothing
    • Face Mask
    • Face Paint
    • Spare Hat
    • Gloves
    • Electronic earmuffs
    • Lip Balm
    • Beanie
  • Food & Water
  • Tools
  • Dog Supplies
    • Lead
    • E-collar and remote
    • High energy snacks
    • Collapsible water bowl
    • Ground stake to secure Ace with clip for the lead
  • Regulations book
  • Gamebird License
    • Permits if required

What do you carry in your blind bag and out to your hides? What have I missed that is a must have in your bag?

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