Parrot Mini Drone – Airborne Cargo

The Parrot Mini Drone Airborne Cargo 1
The Parrot Mini Drone Airborne Cargo

Thanks to Orcon, I won a Parrot Mini Drone Airborne Cargo through one of their Facebook Promotions.

I must say that I am enjoying flying it, there are a couple of downsides to using my phone as the controller and I am not sure whether it is my phone freezing (most likely) or the drone but it does sometimes get stuck on an input and then takes off.

I am getting a bit addicted to it and could see myself one day (in the far future) upgrading once I get the hang of flying it.

Here is a video of me flying it around my garage, pretty poor quality out of my phone but you get the idea.

It takes aerial photos straight down, and here are a couple of my favourites so far.

The app on the phone FreeFlight 3 also downloads logs from your flights, for some reason it does not seem to pick them all up but went to the park with Justin for a flight, and the only flight recorded there showed that I got a maximum speed of just over 12m/s which comes out at about 45 km/h. That is far-moving for a drone no bigger than your hand.

Would I recommend this drone to someone, probably not and after reading beginners guides the best starting drone would be a Hubsan X4 and it is about $100 cheaper than the Parrot and comes with a proper controller. The fact I did not pay anything for mine is an absolute bonus.

If you haven’t seen any drone racing before YouTube FPV Racing, here is a video to give you a taste. Damn, that looks like fun.

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