2016 Duck Shooters Clay Bird Shoot

Finally got to give the new gun a good shoot, at the annual Hunting and Fishing 2016 Duck Shooters pre-season Clay Bird Shoot held at the Hutt Valley Clay Target Club.

Hutt Valley Clay Target Club


It was another great shoot put on by the club with a couple of exceptions. With some targets and traps not overly thought out with some shots at targets hitting the traps.

Justin New Gun
Justin taking the shot, with Adam helping from behind
Justin taking the shot, with Adam helping from behind

On Saturday before Justin went and bought a Stoeger M3000 from Hunting and Fishing. Unfortunately, it came with two Modified chokes which for the targets was pretty tight. Reading the manual it was also meant to come with an Improved Cylinder which for him would be ideal.

He could only stay for the first half as his wife had to go out in the afternoon and he had to look after bubs. Justin shot very well for not having used a shotgun much before. He ended up with 27/50 and a remarkable improvement in the second 25 targets.

Having a good New Zealand shooter in the squad of  Adam Green helped and he had two other newbies there he was introducing to the sport, all in all, it was a great squad and I am almost certain that this helped Justin get into the swing of things very quickly.

How I went

I haven’t shot clays since last years Duck Shooters Clay Bird Shoots, which I did not do very well in. I must say that I am loving the new gun having only fired 150 rounds through it now it feels so natural to use.

My Score of 85 out of 100
My Score of 85 out of 100

The day started off with me shooting the first three stands clean. I cannot be any more happy than that. I only had real trouble on one stand where the two targets were very close (probably no more than 5m away) and with a pretty tight choke. The spread of lead would have been about the size of the clay. The other clays I missed was due to my concentration lacking and starting to think too far ahead.

Even the overhead, coming from behind targets that I generally have issues hitting, I smoked each one of them

I definitely cannot complain about how I shot ending up with 85/100. A 90 was on the cards for a bit but I got ahead of myself and missed some absolute dollies. I am absolutely stoked with the Beretta A400 Action. This shoot has been an absolute confidence builder.

While there I have joined the club and renewed my subs to the NZCTA and hopefully can get some more shots in before the National Compaq Championship is held at Hutt Valley in November.

With the way Justin and I shot here, the ducks are not going to stand a chance.

Just need to find somewhere for Justin to hunt on opening weekend.

Until next time

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