AC/DC – Live in Wellington

Finally got to see AC/DC live in concert thanks for the very special tickets from my very special wife for my 30th birthday.

They were absolutely amazing, even with the 40-minute break after only two songs. Something could not handle the rough weather and broke. But that did not slow them down once they got back on stage. Before the break, they had an absolutely amazing intro of them blowing out off the moon as an asteroid and landing on Earth. Behind the stage they massive screens that were used throughout the show almost made the show feel like a very long music video it ran so well.

A Whole Lotta Rosie
A Whole Lotta Rosie

For rockers in their 60’s, they have surely still got it. From the start with an intro video that blew me away making very good use of the large screens behind the stage. During a Whole Lotta Rosie AC/DC had a huge blow-up doll up behind the stage. It was very impressive and at first, I thought it was a picture on the screen.

We also had a 30-minute guitar solo from Angus Young that was absolutely phenomenal. Not sure if that was because of the outage but if it was Angus definitely made up for it.

The finale of For Those About to Rock, could not have ended any bigger, cannon fire, fireworks, fire balls. They definitely put on a show that I will remember.

This was probably my second-best concert behind Metallica at the CBS Arena in 2010. That is mainly because it was almost like a pub gig with only 3,000 people present. They played their absolute hardest after the September quake.

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