I have created this website as a way for me the share my passion for Duck Hunting New Zealand. There will posts on things outdoors, including Four Wheel Driving, Fresh and Salt Water Fishing and of course Duck Hunting.

My online alias Parriehunter came about from my very first opening weekend where my Father and I had a very good hunt on Paradise Duck’s. Jump on in and have read, please leave any comments below.

The Paradise Shelduck (Tadorna variegata) is a large goose-like duck endemic to New Zealand. It is a shelduck, a group of large goose-like birds which are part of the bird family Anatidae. The genus name Tadorna comes from Celtic roots and means “pied waterfowl”. Known to the Māori as Pūtangitangi, but now commonly referred to as the “Paradise duck”, it is a prized game bird. Both the male and female have striking plumage: the male has a black head and barred black body, the female a white head with a chestnut body. (Wikipedia)

Random Posts

April Update

New Zealand Gecko

Well, it has been a rather busy couple of months with 4 weddings in 6 weeks starting on the 7th of February up in Russell for my cousins' wedding and…

Wellington Anniversary Weekend

WWII Plane

We had a very eventful Wellington Anniversary Weekend with us going to Wings over Wairarapa and getting the new puppy Ace. Wings over Wairarapa [caption id="attachment_2532" align="aligncenter" width="265"] Wings over…

Reflecting on Season Past

With the 2015 Duck Hunting Season finished for me, I thought this would be a great time to reflect on the season past. Season 2015 Opening Weekend The season started…