Single Seater VW Off-Roader – Old

This VW Off-Roader was a project my father and I worked on over many years.

The goal was to get it race-ready but when I left for Uni there was no time or money to finish it. In hindsight, a completed car would have been a better option. I had lots of enjoyment working on and driving this car.

I sold it in 2013 to move on to other goals and adventures, hopefully, one day I will be able to race one of these.

The build was based on a 1960’s VW Beetle running 5 stud wheels and a 1641 cc single port motor. The motor ran a dual throat Webber carburettor but this was replaced with a PICT-3 to comply with the ORANZ rule book for Class C off-road racing. NZKW fixed bucket seat, external oil cooler and built from the ground up by my Father and me.

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