Leapers Bug Buster 3-9×32 Compact Scope

Yes, my Leapers Bug Buster 3-9×32 Compact Scope from Ali Express turned up and I did not waste any time in getting it mounted.

For less than NZ$100 landed it is an amazing scope. Being able to focus in at 3 meters is just awesome. My only issues are that the rings were slightly too wide be for the illumination dial, nothing a quick file could not fix. Being a compact scope which was part of the need for me the eye relief is not the best, but usable. Another concern I had been that the gap between the rings was too small to load the gun. This was not the case at all and is easier to load than before with the other scope.

Crosman 2250b fitted with the Leapers 3-9×32 Bug Buster Scope

I have decided that I do not like the green stock and I have repainted them Matt Black.

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