TOYOTA GAZOO Racing TS050 Hybrid – Build

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing TS050 front

Building the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing TS050 Hybrid Tamiya Mini 4WD on the MA Chassis. I am very excited to build this car which I won at a race event.

First Look
TOYOTA GAZOO Racing TS050 parts

All the parts for the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing TS050 Hybrid.

The kit looks impressive with 56 stickers to go on the Polycarbonate Body, it is the largest Mini 4WD box I have ever seen. I had to order the Tamiya PS-1 spray paint to make sure the body comes out right.

Build Process

Building the chassis is the same as any other MA chassis kit, but being all black looks cool. The main difference is having the polycarbonate body. Before painting, I cut the body and the rear fin out as per the instructions. The cutting is relatively easy if you take your time. When painting the body it is done on the inside which gives a nice smooth finish.

Finished TOYOTA GAZOO Racing TS050 Hybrid

It is a very cool little car and should look great running around a track. I am not a master model builder and the stickers could have gone on better for me. But I am happy with how it looks and will be a great addition to my model cabinet.