Tamiya Mini 4WD Part II – Unboxing and Building the Rise-Emperor

The box for the Tamiya Rise Emperor

The Rise-Emperor

The Tamiya Rise-Emperor Mini 4WD has finally arrived from Mighty Ape. It only took 2 weeks and arrived while I was away. After getting my chores done around the house and baby asleep I started to build it.

I took some photos of the build process but my phone did not save them. the process to build a stock car is pretty straight forward.

Boba Fett Rise-Emperor

My Rise-Emperor

I went down a different look with this car. Painting the body and rear wing green, the cab black and applying some of the stickers. I really like the look of the car.

I was a bit bummed while up at my parent’s place I went looking for my old cars but unable to find them.

The next step is to talk to one of the guys from Mini 4WD New Zealand to talk about a plan of attack and what I want out of it.

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