Tamiya Mini 4WD Part I – An Overview

Back in the 90’s I used to have a couple of these Tamiya Mini 4WD.

I was never really got into the racing side but recently stumbled across the NZ Cup being held in the Hawke’s Bay. Seeing the racing of this and some of the ones from Japan has reignited my interest in racing a Tamiya Mini 4WD.

I have wanted to find a cheaper hobby now that the baby has come along. Something that I can fiddle and modify. I was thinking that multi-copters could have been this but I am not very good at flying them and the cost to start out into racing was relatively high. I still want to do some clay bird shooting and definitely a lot of duck hunting during the season. But due to the costs involved and time it takes, this is not very practical going out every weekend. I can see myself being able to modify and play around with one of these easier at home.

The characteristics of the MA chassis

From my online research into the chassis’ available the MA sounded like the best starting point with the highest overall stats and lots of upgrade options available. I brought a MA  chassis car from Mighty Ape, the Rise-Emperor.

Tamiya Mini 4WD

Tamiya Mini 4WD Rise-Emperor with MA Chassis

Watching this YouTube video from Mad Tang who seems to know a lot about these cars suggested the Heat Edge. It runs a lower gear with smaller wheels than the Rise-Emperor. I am not sure if this will be an issue but in my parts and upgrades process, I may have to change this.

I have started my list of upgrade parts, to help fund this I have listed my multi-copter gear. Thanks to Lance from Mini 4WD New Zealand for sending through a parts list. There are plenty of YouTube videos of different builds and they offer a great starting point.

Once I have received this from Mighty Ape I will do a post of the unboxing.

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