Moved ISP

Recently I have changed my ISP from Orcon to Bigpipe. There was nothing wrong with the Orcon connection but with us going to down to one income shortly any saving will be helpful. Getting a $20 Friend get Friend (referral code)  plus two months free was another selling point to move.

Bigpipe also has a couple of pluses to me, like only have email and chat support. I do not like spending time on phones when an email trail gets the job done. They are a BYO router but do offer their own for sale if wanted and for $99. It comes with 5GHz AC Wi-Fi which is incredibility fast and having not many 5GHz networks around helps with interference. There are also no fixed term contracts and if I wanted to, I could move at any time.


The cut very went very well with our Orcon connection being disconnected in the morning and by the time we got home the Bigpipe connection was up. I simply had to plug the router in and it all worked.

Speedtest through the router

When running speed tests I was not able to get above 55M and as nothing had changed except the connection and modem I went straight to Bigpipe to have a look and check their network.

This speed test I was directly connected into the Chorus ONT off a laptop. As you can see it is not very good for a 100M/20M service.

Bigpipe asked me to try it using a different PC which I did with our desktop a long ethernet cable to reach the ONT. This time my speed came up to what I would expect as the speed test to the left showed

Then I plugged the router into the ONT using a different cable this time and a retest through the router from the Desktop also showed a good result.

I felt like such an idiot that it came down to a cable fault.

Loving the 5GHz Wi-Fi a phone gave the same result as a directly connected device with only a slight latency increase.

If you do want to sign up for Bigpipe please use this referral code and we both get $20 cash in our accounts.

Until next Time