Folding Bike

Photo of the bike from the TradeMe auction

Recently I had trawled TradeMe looking at any reasonably priced folding bikes to take on the train and use between the train and work.

An old school looking one came up and I jumped on, it is working really well. Dropping my commuting time from about 30-35 minutes to around 15 minutes.

It folds up quite well, but at ~12kg it is quite heavy to carry anywhere but fits nicely on the train.

I attached my Action Cam to the front on my commute home and made a little video below, not the best footage and editing.

The bludging tyre
The bludging tyre

The only real issue I have had is that the rear tyre had popped, I suspect due to the age of it and not being ridden for a while. Replaced both the front and rear 16-inch tyres and the bike is easier to ride now. It has a rear drum brake which is next to useless, luckily I cannot go very fast and it is relatively easy to stop.

Going forward I will look at getting a new folding one, having gears, working brakes and bigger tyres would be great but this little bike is proving the concept of using a bike on the train.