Fishing with Alex

So it has been a while since I have posted here, been quite busy looking after our little one but I will shortly be back to work after a few months off on Paternal Leave.

Perch from Henley Lake New Zealand
My first perch and first freshwater fish in over a year.

I have been lucky to get out a couple of times with Alex to go and chase some fish and I think she is my lucky charm. This has been my most successful season so far.

We got over to Masterton for an afternoon walk around Henly Lake, and able to get my first perch, which was a pretty good size.

Also for my birthday at the end of October, I got to spend the day over the Wairarapa chasing some fish and did well with two trout landed and a personal best Brown Trout in the pictures below and the YouTube video.

Lillt Lake Perch
A little perch caught at Whitby Lakes with Alex

Alex and I also went for a walk around the Lower Whitby lakes after I had seen that there is perch in the Lake set up as a coarse fishery and strictly a catch and release water. It was great and had a small perch take the 3″ minnow with some vigour and had lots of really small fish hitting the lure. This would be a great place to take kids fishing as I imagine that using small hooks and bait they would catch lots of fish and they are big enough to keep kids interested.

I found a blog post on and infographic below summaries it nicely, I am looking forward to being able to share these adventures more with Alex.


Source: Blog

Thanks for reading, let know any hints and tips for catching perch.

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