Welcome 2017

Welcome 2017, I am not one to set “resolutions” as such but do try to set some goals to work towards during the year.

The first thing is to help my wife as much as possible with our baby girl Alex, who is only 6 weeks old. So we are having those sleepless nights.

New Fishing Vest to welcome 2017
See my Vest!!

This year will be the year when I will catch a fish on the fly rod, I am awaiting those Cicadas to come out and hopefully throw some Cicada dry flies out and catch a fish. It will be good to use my new net and fishing vest.

Continue the work with Ace, after talking to a few people I am going to save up to buy an e-collar to aid in the training. He can forget about his ears and get distracted, hopefully using one of these will help at the longer distances to keep his focus. Also, working to get Rain our Border Terrier more under control.

sportdog sd-425e electronic collar

What is everyone else set as goals or resolutions to welcome 2017?


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